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Beth Shalom, a Jewish Reform Congregation, was founded in 2002 to provide a new and additional form of Judaism in Italy. Presently we have more than 100 members from Italy, the U.S., South Africa, Switzerland, England, Australia, Israel, Sweden, Cyprus and France. Beth Shalom is a member of the European Region of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, the largest Jewish organization in the world.

Our approach to Judaism is modern and we believe in its significance in our daily lives and the importance of the Synagogue as a symbol of our community.

At Beth  Shalom, we celebrate our rich diversity as a congregation, a community coming from many communities. And when we join together to welcome Shabbat, to study or to celebrate, we are a great intergenerational family. We are newcomers and old-timers, children and adults, individuals, couples and families, Jews by birth and by choice, non-Jewish partners and spouses. As we raise our voices in prayer and song, we know that we are one community with a common bond.


Beth Shalom needs your help!


Milano, November 2013 Dear friends, Beth Shalom Reform Synagogue in Milan needs your help.  For over ten years we have been a strong and determined but struggling community offering Reform Judaism in Italy.  We cater to Italians, ex-pats, and foreign Jews who are seeking an alternative to the closed Orthodox community here in Milan. We […]

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Shabbat Services with Rabbi John Friedman

Rabbi John Friedman, who is currently serving Shir Hadash in Florence, will be conducting our monthly Shabbat service on Saturday, 17 January at 10:30 a.m. Please call us at 335634862 or email carey.bernitz@gmail.com for details. After a short break to allow you to get lunch on your own, at 2:30 p.m. , Rabbi Friedman will […]

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Chanukah Party

Bring latkes, doughnuts and things to share! We will light the Chanukah candles together Please RSVP Andrea Pigey apigey@gmail.com or 339 64 43 154 Children of all ages are welcome There will be music, games, dreidels, and Chanukah gelt.

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Chag Chanukah Saméach


The lights of Hanukkah link us to our past and to other Jews, and they remind us of the importance and the power of the human spirit with the inspiration of God. This festival symbolizes such values as action, courage, human dignity, liberty, and justice. May the lights of Hanukkah illuminate the world with the hope that all religions may live in peace soon, in our own day. Rabbi Leigh and Loren Lerner

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CHANGE OF VENUE: Shabbat Services with Rabbi Fabian Sborovsky

  This is to inform you that due to unforeseen circumstances our Saturday morning service on 29 November will take place at Biblioteca, La Verdi Orchestra, in Via Clerici 3 and NOT at our normal location.  Our service will start at 10.30am. We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to […]

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