Shabbat Service with Rabbi Gan

Please join us for a very special Shabbat, which will be led by Rabbi Bob Gan.   We will honor all of our new members who recently converted to Reform Judaism.  Each of them will be called to the Torah as a Jew for an  aliyah and will recite the blessings. They will   offer  the  kiddish following  services. So please come one and all to  join us on this happy occasion.

Following lunch on our own, we will reconvene at 2pm  to listen to Rabbi Gan talk about recent developments in Reform Judaism and how they affect Beth Shalom’s future.  We hope to see many of you and also encourage you to bring a friend who is either Jewish or someone  who is interested in Judaism.

Please call us at 335 6348682 or email for details.

Beth Shalom welcomes a host of new members to the community

On  18 and 19 October 2015, a group of Beth Shalom members, trained by Rabbi Leigh Lerner, completed its conversion process in Florence.

Here below, is an excerpt from the letter written by our Honorary President David Ross to welcome our new Jewish members.

“One  of the essentials of being Jewish is living in a community. As Rabbi Goor described  so eloquently in his Rosh Hashanah sermon: ‘Synagogue provides us with a different model—a community based upon meaningful relationships. It is in a Jewish community that we share the life cycle events…. from the joy of birth, to the celebration of Bnai Mitzvah and the marriages of our loved ones. It is in this community that we find comfort and meaning in our lives.   Ours is not only a social community, it is also  a community of meaning that can bring hope to our lives.’

Judaism exists and prospers only through the actions of each individual Jew.  You are  now are part of this idea. We hope that you will take an active role  in the activities of Beth Shalom—your conversion should not be viewed as a final step but as a beginning of your active life as a Jew […]. As Rabbi Goor said: ‘To be a good Reform Jew means that each of us must actively choose the path upon which we walk. For our lives to have a purpose, for our spiritual health; in order to perpetuate a future for Judaism, for the communal health of the Jewish people,……… we must make the choice to “walk the walk.”

You have been given a truly unprecedented opportunity. We hope you take full advantage of us and actively participate in the Beth Shalom community and we will all “walk the walk”  together. Shalom.”

Kabbalat Shabbat October 30

Please join us for another  warm  and friendly Kabbalat Shabbat.  In order to get organized, please confirm no later than Tues, Oct. 27 by 12 noon.  We would like to have you bring a  either   pasta , a vegetable, a salad, a fruit salad or fresh fruit. At least we know we will have a very balanced dinner.

Raf and Alejandro will have the room  set up like the last Kabbalat Shabbat  and  will make arrangements for a  cleanup.  So all we have to  think about is bringing  interesting and delicious food.   We are set for a cake, thanks to Liat and the wine will be selected by Raf and Alejandro .  So please let us know what you would like to bring.

The cost is  8 euros  per person  which will cover the cost of  a second course, wine and the cleanup.  Just a drop more than having a plain old margherita in any old pizzeria and without the wonderful company of Beth Shalom members. And of course our  food  will be much better.

Cost:  8 euros per person and 15 euros for a family with 2 or more  children.   Please bring cash.

To reserve and participate with dish please contact:

Carey Bernitz: Cell: 335.634.8682.  E mail:

Carol Ross: Cell:340.87.946.87. E mail: .

We are looking forward to seeing all of you again and of course those who could not make it last month please try to join us.