Past & Present Rabbis

Beth Shalom Milano┬áhas always done their best to provide all of their members – a big, welcoming progressive Jewish family – with the best spiritual and cultural guide. Someone who could shine a light on how to better live and understand Reform Jewish life, and point a hard-working and present community in the right direction. Luckily enough, the Beth Shalom Milano family has always been able to surround itself with the most influential and important Rabbis. Rabbis with prestigious roles, capable of making a difference in the wonderful world of Reform Judaism. Some of them have joined us for quite a long time, others for a just a day… Regardless, all of them have played an equally important part within our community: our spiritual and personal bonds are still strong and pure to this day. Below, you will find a gallery featuring some of the Rabbis that Beth Shalom Milano has had the honor and the joy to host.